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In this webpage, there is no differentiation between unarmed and weapon sets. "12 Solo Sequences of Shaolin Tantui" is entered as "Tantui -- 12 Sequences", "50 Solo and Combat Seqiuences of Eagle Claw" is entered as "Eagle Claw -- 50 Sequences" and "Learning the Forms of Siu Lin Tou" is entered as "Wing Choon Kungfu -- Siu Lin Tou".

Four Gates 36 Leg Techniques
36 Specific Techniques Set
72 Chin-Na Technique Set
108-Point Staff
Abridged San Feng Wudang Set
Baguazhang -- Eight Mother Palms
Baguazhang -- Swimming Dragon
Battle Axe
Big Bell Lohan
Black Bear Sinks Hips

Black Tiger Steals Heart
Butterfly Knives
Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
Chin Wah Staff
Choy-Li-Fatt -- Twelve Fists
Cloud Hands
Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow
Continuous Double Daggers
Cosmos Palm
Cotton Palm

triple stretch Crescent Moon Guan Dao
Crescent Moon Spade
Cross-Roads at Four Gates
Damo Crescent Moon Spade
Dragon Form
Dragon in Zen
Dragon Strength
Dragon-Tiger Set
Drunken Eight Immortals
Double Sabres

Eagle Claw -- 50 Sequences
Essence of Shaolin
Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Fifth Brother Octagon Staff
Fell Tree with Roots
Eighteen-Lohan Set
Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
Five-Animal Set
Flag-Waving Big Staff
Flower Set

drunken eight immortals Flowing Water Floating Clouds
Flowing Water Staff
Great Majestic Set
Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
Golden-Legume Hammers
Happy Bird Hops up Branch
Iron Wire
Little Lohan Fist
Lohan Asks the Way
Lohan Tames Tiger

Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness
Monkey Set
Old Eagle Catches Snake
Pakua Set
Plum Flower Sabre
Praying Mantis Kungfu-- Crushing Fist
Praying Mantis Kungfu -- Eighteen Collection
San Feng Wudang Set
Snake-Headed Lance

taiji staff Seven-Star Set
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
Six-and-Half-Point Staff
Six-Harmony Staff
Taiji Sabre
Taiji Spear
Taiji Staff
Taijiquan -- 108-Pattern Yang Style
Taijquan -- Sun Style
Taijiquan -- Wu Chuan Yu Style

Taijiquan -- Wu Yu Xiang Style
Taming the Tiger
Taming-Tiger Double Rods
Taming-Tiger Trident
Tantui -- 12 Sequnces
Three-Sectional Soft Whip
Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear
Traveling Dragon Sword
Thirteen-Technique Spear
Three-Sectional Soft Whip