There are two Wu Styles, one from the lineage of Wu Yu Xiang and the other from the lineage of Wu Chuan You. This video shows Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan. In Chinese characters, the two Wu are written differently, though they are pronounced in the same sound but in different tones in Mandarin, but are pronounced in different sounds in Cantonese as "Mo" and "Ng" respectively in Cantonese.

You Chuan You, a Manchu cavalry officer, learned Taijiquan from Yang Ban Hou, the son of Yang Lu Chan. It is therefore no surprise that this Wu Style Taijiquan, which was established in the 19th century, is similar to Yang Style Taijiquan.

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Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The patterns of this Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan Set are as follows

Sequence 1

    1. Lifting Water
    2. Lift Hands
    3. Grasping Sparrow's Tail
    4. Single Whip
    5. Lift Hands
    6. White Crane Flaps Wings
    7. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    8. Like Sealed Like Close
    9. Cross Hands
    10. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
    11. Slanting Single Whip
    12. Punch Below Sleeves

    Sequence 2

    1. Repulse Monkey
    2. Wild Horse Spreads Mane
    3. Playing the Lute
    4. Needle at Sea Bottom
    5. Dodge and Extend Arm
    6. Swing Fist
    7. Move - Intercept - Punch
    8. Single Whip

    Sequence 3

    1. Cloud Hands
    2. Single Whip
    3. High Patting Horse
    4. Right Thrust Kick
    5. Left Thrust Kick
    6. Turn Around Thrust Kick
    7. Plant Fist
    8. Cross-Hand Snap Kick
    9. Kneel Step Strike Tiger

    Sequence 4

    1. Double Kick
    2. Double Bees Buzzing at Ears
    3. Double Kick
    4. Wild Horse Spreads Mane
    5. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle
    6. Single Whip
    7. Low Stance
    8. Golden Cockerel Stands Solitary
    9. Single Whip

    Sequence 5

    1. Palm Strile at Face
    2. Cross-Hand Sway Lotus
    3. Punch at Abdomen
    4. Ride Tiger
    5. Turn Around Sway Lotus
    6. Shoot Tiger
    7. Palm Strike at Face
    8. High Patting Horse
    9. Single Whip
    10. Chi to Dan Tian


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