Twenty Punches of Five-Ancestor Kungfu


Er Shi Quan of Wuzu Kungfu

Er Shi Quan, or Yi Chap Kun in Hokian dialect of the Chinese language, means Twenty Punches, because there are twenty punches in the set. It is also known as a “practice set” in Wuzu Kungfu because practitioners practice it for combat.

The uninitiated may wonder how such a simple set can be used to meet different types of attack. Actually it is not just patterns from this set, patterns from the fundamental set, San Zhan, are also used. Nevertheless, this set provides good training in striking, which is the main attack mode in most combat.

Intending participants to the Wuzuquan course in Penang from 11th to 17th December 2012 should familarize themselves with this set so that they are well prepared for combat training and fun. As in San Zhan, you should not use strength when performing the set.

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San Zhan

Er Shi Quan – Whole Set

San Zhan

Er Shi Quan – Part 1

San Zhan

Er Shi Quan – Part 2

Er Shi Quan

Er Shi Quan – Part 3

Er Shi Quan

Er Shi Quan – Part 4

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Er Shi Quan or Twenty Puches of Wuzuquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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