Sun Style Taijiquan was created by Sun Lu Tang in the early 20th century. It was the latest of the five popular styles of Taijiquan, namely Chen, Yang the two Wu styles, and Sun. "Sun" here is pronounced like the English "Soon".

Sun Lu Tang learned Taijiquan in his later years from Hao Wei Zhan, the third generation master of Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan, sometimes called the Hao Style. Before this, Sun Lu Tang was expert in Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. Hence, Sun Style Taijiquan is special in that it also contains the essence of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

The set shown in the video is the one created by Sun Lu Tang himself, but Grandmaster Wong has modified some patterns to bring out the best of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, as he believes that many past masters hid secrets in their favorite sets.

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Sun Style Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The patterns of this Sun Style Taijiquan Set are as follows

Sequence 1

    1. Lifting Water
    2. Lift Hand
    3. Single Whip
    4. Lazy to Roll Sleeves
    5. Open and Close
    6. Lift Hand
    7. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    8. Like Sealed Like Close

    Sequence 2

    1. Open and Close
    2. Lazy to Roll Sleeves
    3. Open and Close
    4. Single Whip
    5. Repulse Monkey
    6. Playing the Lute
    7. Open and Close
    8. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    9. Needle at Sea Bottom Open and Close

    Sequence 3

    1. Single Whip
    2. Cloud Hands
    3. High Patting Horse
    4. Right Thrust Kick
    5. Left Thrust Kick
    6. Turn Round Thrust Kick
    7. Plant fist

    Sequence 4

    1. Double Kick
    2. False Leg Press Palm
    3. Punch Below Sleeves
    4. Like Sealed Like Close
    5. Open and Close

    Sequence 5

    1. Lazy to Roll Sleeves
    2. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    3. Wild Horse Spreads Mane
    4. Lazy to Roll Sleeve
    5. Needle at Sea Bottom
    6. Dodge and Extend Arm
    7. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    8. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    9. Dodge and Extend Arm
    10. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle
    11. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle
    12. Lazy to Roll Sleeves

    Sequence 6

    1. Open and Close
    2. Single Whip
    3. Low Stance Thread Palm
    4. Golden Cockerel Stands Solitary
    5. Repulse Monkey
    6. Lift Hand

    Sequence 7

    1. White Crane Flaps Wings
    2. Open and Close
    3. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
    4. Needle at Sea Bottom
    5. Dodge and Extend Arm
    6. Open and Close
    7. Single Whip
    8. Cloud Hands
    9. High Patting Horse
    10. Cross-Hand Sway Lotus

    Sequence 8

    1. Lazy to Roll Sleeves
    2. Open and Close
    3. Low Stance Thread Palm
    4. Ride Tiger
    5. Turn Round Sway Lotus
    6. Shoot Tiger
    7. Double Punch
    8. Seven Stars
    9. Chi to Dan Tian
    10. Chi Flow


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