Fifth Brother Pakua Staff 2014 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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This Fifth Brother Octagonal Staff, or Ng Long Pat Kua Khun in Chinese (Cantonese), was invented by the famous Song general, Yang Wu Lang, or Fifth Brother Yang, who escaped to a temple on Wutai Mountain after an ambush by the Tartars.

It is one of the four most famous staff sets in kungfu circles, the other three being Six-and-Half-Point Staff, Ho Family Flowing Water Staff, and Left-Hand Fisherman’s Staff.

The set is purposely performed slowly so that participants to the Legacy of Wong Fei Hoong course at UK Summer Camp 2014 can learn the routine of the set.

It may inspire you to know that the last time Grandmaster Wong performed this set was about 30 years ago in 1985 at a grand public performance of Shaolin Wahnam Association in Sungai Petani, showing that once you have acquired the skills of the staff set, the skills remain with you. Even the staff used in this video and in the public performance 30 years ago was the same!

To prepare this video, Grandmaster Wong went over the routine of the set in his mind like he often does with his numerous kungfu sets. This does not imply that you need not practice your kungfu sets, though practicing a set of a long staff or any weapon may not be as convenient as practicing unarmed sets. You should practice at least an unarmed set a day.


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