Siu Lin Tou

Grandmaster Wong performing Cham Kiew

How is Grandmaster Wong able to deflect an attack when he is not looking at it? The secret lies within the set, "Cham Kiew", shown in the video clips below.

Of course one would not be able to attain this skill by practicing the set alone. The set forms the base upon which this skill can be developed. You will learn how to develop this skill, which is actually a prerogative of masters, at the Special Wing Choon Course. But to prepare yourself beforehand, just learn the routine of the set from the videos.

In Choe Family Wing Choon, "Cham Kiew", or "Searching for Bridge", is practiced as the second part of "Siu Lin Tou". Because the term was spoken instead of written down, "Cham Kiew" can also means "Sinking Bridge". "Bridge" refers to the upper arm where an exponent is in contact with an opponent.

For convenience of learning, it is presented here as a separate set. Please note that it is quite different from "Cham Kiew" practiced in some other styles of Wing Choon.

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詠春拳尋橋 Cham Kiew (Searching for Bridge) of Wing Choon Kung Fu from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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