Three Battles of Five-Ancestor Kungfu Video Series


Double Press Palm

San Zhan, or Three Battles, is the fundamental set of Wuzuquan, or Five-Ancestor Kungfu. "San Zhan" and "Wuzuquan" are in Mandarin pronunciation; in Hokian, the Chinese dialect spoken by most Five-Ancestor Kungfu practitioners, they are "Sa Chien" and "Goh Chor Kun" respectively.

San Zhan is often called a force-training set, as it is used to develop internal force, for which Wuzuquan is famous. Of course the patterns in San Zhan can also be used for combat. It is an excellent example of profundity in simplicity. The patterns look very simple, but they are sufficient to counter any attacks! Many people may be surprised. How would one use any of the San Zhan patterns to counter kicks or throws, for example?

Intending participants to the Wuzuquan course in Penang from 11th to 17th December 2012 should learn this set from the videos before the course. Besides being presented in full, the set is also presented in parts to enable easy downloading and learning.

When performing the set, it is very important to follow the advice, “mng mien yong lak”, which is the Hokian dialect of saying “do not use strength”. During the course you will be taught how to use the set to develop internal force as well as to counter all categories of attack.

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San Zhan

San Zhan – Whole Set

San Zhan

San Zhan – Part 1

San Zhan

San Zhan – Part 2

San Zhan

San Zhan – Part 3

San Zhan

San Zhan – Part 4

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San Zhan of Wuzuquan 2012 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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