Shaolin Wahnam Version

Shaolin Iron Wire Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Please click the picture above to view the video here, or click the caption to view the video at Vimeo.

This Wahnam version of the Iron Wire Set is inspired by the orthodox version in Wong Fei Hoong’s lineage, but is different from it.

There are three noticeable differences:

  1. The Shaolin greeting.
  2. The addition of Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel.
  3. The addition of Circulating Soft Bridge.

The greeting in the Shaolin Wahnam version is taken from the signature greeting of Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam’s school.

“Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel” is taken from the Eighteen-Lohan Art.

“Circulating Soft Bridge” is taken from the Dragon Strength Set of Uncle Righteousness’ school.

Shaolin Iron Wire is a very powerful set, and it is easy to practice it wrongly with serious adverse effect. It should be learned from a competent teacher.


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