Iron Wire

Grandmaster Wong performing "Control Bridge" from Iron Wire

  1. The Magic of Chi Flow
  2. The State of Mind When Performing Iron Wire
  3. Practical Results of Iron Wire Training
  4. Comparing Iron Wire with other Force-Training Methods
  5. Courage and Integrity from Iron Wire Set
  6. Iron Wire Force in Healng and Everyday Lifw Compared to Other Types of Force
  7. Why is it Easy to Practice Iron Wire Wrongly
  8. Making Sounds in Iron Wire
  9. How is Iron Wire in Shaolin Wahnam Different from the Established One?
  10. Why Shaolin Wahnam Practitioners Can Devekop so Much Force in such Short Time
  11. Iron Wire and Golden Bridge
  12. Quiscent Methods and Dynamic Methods of Force Training
  13. Kungfu Sets that Complement the Iron Wire Set

Iron Wire Set -- Video Series
Iron Wire Set -- Picture Series