Shaolin Iron-Wire Set

Grandmaster Wong performing the Iron-Wire Set

We are about to start the third day of this 5 day course. Most participants are experienced Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu practitioners. Nearly everyone has commented that the Iron Wire set is the most powerful Chi Kung they have every experienced. Even Sifu commented that One Finger Zen seems gentle by comparison!

It is so powerful that one should only do it sparingly for safety reasons. That is one does it perhaps once or only parts of it in one practice session.

Different participants have tried to describe the experience of Iron Wire and they have trouble doing so thus I can't really comment for others. Hopefully they will get time to do so here so others can learn what they think. Everyone returns to the hotel and is in bed by 10 pm! The cleansing from the set seems to make everyone want to go to bed early! Hahaha. Readers should encourage students like Big Russian Bear George to comment on the course.

My own description is that I've never felt something induce such a dramatic opening of Energy Channels. It makes you feel like all of your energy channels open so wide, and they certainly do. As Sifu taught us each movement of the set he also explained how the Big Universe is activated from the movements. I will say that it is easy to see how one can do the set incorrectly. It must be carefully learned under a master.

As Sifu mentioned he may not teach it again or that it will be at least a few years before he does I would recommend that interested parties solicit Sifu Markus Kahila to conduct a course for them. It will be worth your while, that I can assure you.

My first impression is that if one practiced the Iron Wire set each day they could never be sick and would assuredly live a long and zestful life. It is more dynamic than other types of Shaolin Chi Kung and thus provides remarkable benefits. I plan to offer it to special students at an appropriate time.

Sifu mentioned that he would have liked to make these sets part of the basic curriculum of Shaolin Wahnam but the syllabus is already so full.

As for Helsinki it is a very nice town. The weather is very, very cold and the streets are icy. A couple of us have had to use our Shaolin skills to stay balanced on the slick ice.

Well, I haven't even commented on Taming the Tiger. Hopefully we can add comments on this soon too. The short description is that Sifu has told and demonstrated to us how it is very advanced Kung Fu. We are focusing on practicing application which is a lot of fun.

Sifu Anthony Spinicchia
Shaolin Wahnam USA

Editorial Note : Grandmaster Wong will teach the awesome Iron-Wire Course at the Valentine Festival in Ireland on 11th and 12th February 2012.

Iron-Wire Set

Sifu Spinicchia and others practicing the Iron-Wire Set at Helsinki

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Iron Wire and Taming the Tiger sets taught by Sifu in Helsinki, Jan 2010 on 27th January 2010 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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