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Shaolin Iron Wire

Separating Gold

The Iron Wire Set is well know for developing a lot of internal force, but it must be learnt personally from a master as it is easy to practice it wrongly. Its proper also results in mental clarity.

This set was taught by Grandmaster Wong at the Valentine Festival of Courses in Killarney, Ireland on 11th and 12th February 2012. The names of the patterns may sound odd in English. They are translated literally from Chinese.

Shaolin Greeting

1 Shaolin Greeting 2 Two Stars to Ground

3 Crow Flaps Wings 4 Triple Stretching of Pearl Bridge

5 Sink Bridge Shoot Fingers 6 Chi to Dan Tian

Section 1 -- Stabilizing Golden Bridge

7 Hands Guard Dan Tian 8 Lift Bridge

9 Press Bridge 10 Double Stabilize Golden Bridge

11 Vibrate Force 12 Double Dragons Emerge from Sea

13 Control Bridge 14 Separate Gold Fists

Section 2 -- Iron Wings Open Door

15 Cross-Fist 16 Iron Wings Open Door

17 Soft Bridge 18 Vibrate Wings

19 Match Bridge 20 Soft Force

21 Shelter Head 22 Channel Force

23 Inch Bridge 24 Control Bridge

Section 3 -- Fierce Tiger Claws Sand

25 Single Separate Gold 26 Cross-Fist

27 Double Shelter Head 28 Fierce Tiger Claws Sand

29 Fierce Tiger Claws Sand 30 Press Bridge

31 Bird Descends Level Sand 32 Press Bridge

33 Dragon Hums Tiger Roars 34 Double Stabilize Golden Bridge

35 Double Dragons Emerge from Sea 36 Control |Bridge

Section 4 -- Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel

37 Separate Gold Fists 38 Iron Wings Close Door

39 Lift Wine Pot 40 Fierce Tigers Return to Highland

41 Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel 42 Triple Stretching of |Pearl Bridge

43 Double Stabilize Golden Bridge 44 Double Dragons Emerge from Sea

45 Control Bridge 46 Separate Gold Fists

Section 5 -- Circulating Soft Bridge

47 Hands Guard Dan Tian 48 Lift Bridge

49 Flying Bird Spreads Wings 50 Golden Bridge

51 Right Circulating Soft Bridge 52 Left Circulating Soft Bridge

53 Golden Bridge 54 Double Dragons Emerge from Sea

55 Control Bridge 56 Separate Gold Fists

57 Shaolin Greeting 58 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows


Glimpse of Iron Wire Course in Ireland, February 2012

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