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Can you tell from the picture why Sifu Joan Browne and Grandmaster Wong have a lot of internal force?


What kind of practical results should one reasonably expect after, for example, one year or a few years of Iron Wire training?

Sifu Markus Kahila


After one year of correct training of Iron Wire, a practitioner would be full of internal force and mental clarity.

His body would be rounded and charged with energy. His eyes sparkle and he speaks with a voluminous voice. He has a lot of energy and vitality.

When he spars, ordinary martial artists will find his arms very powerful. If he smashes his arms on opponents, he could break their bones.

His mind is fresh and clear, and he defines problems and see solutions easily. He can work on intellectual issues without feeling mental fatigued. He generally feels peaceful and cheerful.

However, if he practices wrongly, like tensing his muscles or intellectualizing during training, he would have adverse effects. He may develop big muscles which gives a false sense of powerful. He is strong due to his big muscles, but he becomes tired easily.

Though he is fit, he may not be healthy. He is often stressful, and have difficulty thinking for long periods. He finds his thoughts wander aimlessly. Emotionally he feels oppressed, and sometimes angry for no apparent reason.

It is easy to practice Iron Wire wrongly. Hence, it is very important to learn it from a competent teacher.

The above question-answer is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions to Grandmaster Wong on the Iron Wire Set in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum


Iron Wire

It is easy to practice Iron Wire wrongly. Hence, it is important to learn it from a competent teacher.