Iron Wire

Participants of the Awesome Iron Wire Course in Ireland 2012. Kevin is standing second from the left.

Dear Family,

The tiredness of a thousand sleeps has visited me since the extraordinary events in Killarney last week. Experiencing a deep peace and inner calm like never before, I find myself very focused. It is like the breaking of a new dawn. I'm usually quite skilled in having many tentacles of thought connected to the past and to the future and a myriad of other (irrelevant) bits and pieces. Not now. The tentacles have been chopped. It's just me, here, breathing and fully alive.

Tiredness is a misnomer of course. As Sigung said last Wednesday, I am not tired but full of Chi. My body is readjusting which is manifesting within as a feeling of tiredness. Spiritually, it is very uplifting and nourishing.

The Iron Wire set was outstanding. It would have been worth ten times the price of admission just to see Sigung perform it. Sigung's Force and Shen had the mystery of the cosmos about them. Simply breathtaking. Simply beautiful.

I experienced some extremely powerful and vigorous Chi Flows on the Sunday morning. Expecting power and vigour to be the signature offering of the Iron Wire, reflecting on it now, I was somewhat surprised for a deep stillness to suddenly consume me in Chi flow in a session towards the end of the morning. Standing there, physically motionless, I had an unexpected moment of pure bliss: I felt my internal force for the very first time. It was like a deep ocean current, flowing softly and very slowly from my hands up into my arms and into my body. It was warm and glowing, charged and deeply nourishing. It was the meeting of an old friend, an old noble and spiritual warrior that has been with me since times ancient.

It was a landmark moment of spiritual bliss and probably merited the writing of a poetic masterpiece or falling to my knees and shedding tears of gratitude and joy. Neither was to be for the singing words of our Grandmaster brought me right back: “And now, more sparring!”

The sparring was amazing. I learned and progressed so much over those short two days it feels like I've been on a spaceship in Star Trek travelling at warp speed. To be honest, I didn't greet Sigung's introduction of the element of threat with a beaming smile (paraphrasing – "Now, I want you to really punch them, they will thank you for it afterwards"). Reflecting on it now it was masterful teaching. Already I can see the tremendous progress in my combat efficiency and feel the broken remains of many personal insecurities which have been limiting me in my ever onwards and upwards journey.

It was a truly amazing two days.

Thank you Sigung for a truly outstanding set of courses over the Valentine's week here in Killarney. May God bestow a thousand blessings on you and your wonderful family for the truly astonishing fire you light inside all of us in Shaolin Wahnam. There is no path more nobler than your life's work. Thank you, Sigung. Thank you.

Thank you Sifu for everything. It is only through your eternal kindness and compassion that I am here today reaping tremendous and enormous benefits from these arts. Thank you, Sifu. Thank you. For everything.

Best Wishes to all the Shaolin Family,

Shaolin Wahnam Ireland

Iron Wire

Course participants developed a lot of confidence for effective sparring

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Ireland's Valentine Iron Wire Set 2012 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.

If you missed the Awesome Iron Wire Course in Ireland, you have another chance on 2-4 May 2012 in Barcelona. Please contact Sifu Adalia Iglesias or Sifu Daniel Perez for details and registration.


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