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When practicing the various patterns of the Iron Wire set, what should be our state of mind?

Should we simply empty our mind, or direct consciously the energy in various parts of the body (accordingly to the respective patterns), or rather use some other kinds of visualization?

Sifu Maxime


Generally we should keep our mind clear when practicing the Iron Wire Set. This is a main reason why we can develop so much mental clarity practicing Iron Wire, which was particularly outstanding in the Iron Wire course in Ireland.

Nevertheless, we may sometimes focus our force at particular parts of our body. For example, in the pattern "Hands Guard Dan Tian" we may focus our energy at our arms. We can do this well when our mind is clear.

Some patterns can be used to develop different types of force. For example, "Lift Bridge" can be used to develop "lifting force" and "pressing force".

Practicing Iron Wire develops 12 different types of force. Actually the force is the same, it is how the force is used that makes it different. Using the mind to direct particular uses of force, besides applying their appropriate patterns, results in the 12 different types of force for which the Iron Wire Set is famous.

Besides developing a lot of internal force, Iron Wire is also excellent for developing mental clarity and mental focus, though many people may not know it.

Some people mistakenly think that mental clarity and mental focus are mutually exclusive. They consider it impossible for one to clear his mind of all thoughts, and at the same time focus well on a particular thought.

Firstly, we may not necessarily clear thoughts and focus on thoughts at the same time, we have mental clarity first, then mental focus, or vice versa..

On the other hand, we can also have mental clarity and mental focus at the same time. Indeed, it is because of mental clarity that we can focus very well on one thought or even a few thoughts.

The confusion is due to the limitation of words. When we say we have mental clarity and mental focus at the same time, we may not mean we are clearing thoughts and focusing on thoughts at the same time. Yet, this can actually be done when our mind is strong. While we focus on a particular thought, or even a few thoughts, we can simultaneously clear away irrelevant thoughts.

Practicing Iron Wire provides us with an excellent method to attain these abilities.

The above question-answer is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions to Grandmaster Wong on the Iron Wire Set in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum


Iron Wire

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