Iron Wire

Sifu Nick Jones (right) at the Iron Wire course in Ireland 2012

I'm finding it a little challenging to find the words to describe this Iron Wire course. I'm sure if I stay in a state of Zen they'll come as I type though, they always do

And that's the key benefit I received -- the specialty of the Iron wire set and of the weekend in Killarney. Intense mental clarity. Not just a clear and bright mind. Intense. Mental. Clarity. Way beyond anything I've experienced before.

Ever eaten beetroot? Not like I had that weekend. Ever looked at moss? Not like I did that weekend. Ever looked at someone else's face with such piercing clarity you can actually feel the minute movements of their muscles and see the chi flow across their skin?

How is this possible?

The force developed from practising Iron Wire correctly leaves your mind so entrenched in a state of Zen, that at that moment when the sublime beetroot slides down your throat you're so aware, so in touch with everything that is happening in that moment, that you can still feel each mouthful after it's been swallowed and as it goes all the way down into your stomach you can feel its energy flow into you.

When you look at moss, your heart is so open that there is no difference between the moss and you, you can sense it's life just as you sense your own. When you look at another human being you do so, so open, so unguarded, so untouched by desire or fear or emotion in that moment that you can be aware of their sensations just as clearly as you are of your own.

If all this seems a little 'out there' to you, you've probably not had the chance to experience a deep state of Zen. A state that is not only more amazing and natural than anything else you could imagine, but a state that also enhances everything else you could imagine. So don't imagine. Just be.

Sifu Nick Jones
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam England
29th February 2012

Iron Wire

In a state of Zen

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Ireland's Valentine Iron Wire Set 2012 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.

If you missed the Awesome Iron Wire Course in Ireland, you have another chance on 2-4 May 2012 in Barcelona. Please contact Sifu Adalia Iglesias or Sifu Daniel Perez for details and registration.


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