Internal Force

An old picture showing Grandmaster Wong being rammed by a tree trunk in a Golden Bell demonstration

  1. Flowing Force and Consolidating Force
  2. How Grandmaster Wong Discovered Flowing Force and Consolidating Force
  3. The Advantages of Flowing Force over Consolidated Force
  4. Various Methods of Building Internal Force
  5. Why was Ng Mui or Zhang San Feng Better than Masters even in their Specialized Arts
  6. Internal-External Double Cultivation
  7. Internal Force is Not Dynamic Tension
  8. Various Types of Internal Force
  9. Indications of Successfully Building Internal Force
  10. Applying Consolidated Force or Flowing Force According to Different Situations
  11. The Marvelous Benefits of Internal Force are for Everybody, Not just Martial Artists
  12. Importance of Chi Flow in Building Force
  13. Don't Waste Time on Undeserving People

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread Secrets of Building Internal Force: 10 Questions to the Grandmaster in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.