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We walk our talk. We are healthy and full of vitality

Question 13

Many people I have spoken to over the years tend to dismiss ‘neigong’ or internal force. Instead, as mentioned to Sifu over dinner that day, many people expect to see superhuman abilities or some other external (and tangible) manifestation of ‘neigong’. The comment I hear most often is “Can you fly now after practising your qigong?” or words to that effect.

The people who do not doubt are those who have witnessed the steady but gradual transformation of someone they know who had practiced qigong, or those who have themselves experienced the wonders of qigong and have developed neigong on their own.

How can and should we best showcase the wondrous effects of qigong in a relatively short time to those who have not had the opportunity to witness how qigong (and neigong) has brought health and vitality to its practitioners, such as curious seekers who have only read about internal force but do not personally know any practitioner?

The most ideal situation would be for someone to see the transformation brought about by regular practice over time, but in today’s information-overloaded world, is there a way to get the message across in a quicker manner without resorting to “stuntman shows”?

Sifu Zhang Wuji


Honestly I do not want to waste my time over these people. I rather spend time taking my wife, children or grandchildren out for a drive, or spend time drinking tea with you or other students.

We are ridiculously generous in sharing our arts and wonderful benefits with people whom we may not even know before if they are deserving. But if they are undeserving, as indicated in the question they ask, don’t waste your time entertaining them.

If I want to answer their question, “Can you fly now after practicing your qigong?” I may say one of the following, and I mean it.

  1. I may explain to you if you pay for dinner at an expensive restaurant.
  2. I can fly before or after practicing my qigong -- more than nine times a year around the world. My students pay for my air tickets.
  3. Really, I don’t want to waste my time on you.

Interestingly, no one has asked me such a question. But many people, including those who do not know I teach qigong, have expressed their admiration for my good health, vitality and cheerfulness. Some have complimented me on my quickness of mind and clarity of explanation.

We do not need to showcase the wondrous effects of our qigong. We ourselves are living examples. We are healthy, full of vitality, kind and considerate, confident of our abilities, cheerful and encouraging, and pleasant in our dealing with other people. We walk our talk.

When sincere seekers ask me questions, I reply immediately if the answers are short. If the answers are long, I refer them to my website. If they ask me to teach them some chi kung exercise to try out, I tell them to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course or learn from our instructors. Teaching them for free may spoil their chance of learning our wonderful art.

When they find out the price of my course and say it is expensive, I tell them that they will get more benefits than the price they pay for, otherwise they can ask for a full refund.

A very convincing and fast way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our arts is to perform a flying kick in the air or an agile roll on the ground. Many people expressed amazement when they see me, at 70, performing such impromptu athletic actions. I performed them not to convince skeptics, whom I have said earlier I would not want to waste my time on, but to students of our school to illustrate some points in question.

Flying Kick

Sifu Tim demonstrates a flying kick

Shaolin Wahnam Summer Camp 2014

Secrets of Building Internal Focce – Overview

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread Secrets of Building Internal Force in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.