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Internal force gives good health and vitality

Question 9

What are the signs that indicate you are successfully building internal force?



An effective way to find out whether you are practicing an exercise or an art correctly is to access your results with the results practicing that exercise or art is meant to give.

If an exercise or art is meant to give ABC, and you obtain ABC, it indicates you have been practicing successfully. If you get XYZ, it indicates you have not been practicing correctly, or the exercise or art you practice is not genuine.

This assessment is fool-proof, yet many practitioners do not realize they do not get the results their practice is meant to give despite having practiced for a long time.

Why do we practice chi kung? It is to overcome pain and illness, and to have good health. Why do we practice any martial art? It is to be able to defend ourselves and to be healthy.

Yet, many chi kung practitioners still suffer from their pain and illness, and do not enjoy good health, but they do not realize they have not been practicing their art correctly, or their art is not genuine. Many martial artists cannot defend themselves and are actually becoming more unhealthy despite their dedicated practice, but they do not realize their art do not bring the results it is meant to give.

When reminded of their folly, instead of being thankful, they become aggressive and angry. They do not want to look foolish for a day; they prefer to remain fools for life.

Thus, the signs that indicate you have been successful in building internal force are those signs that indicate the benefits of internal force.

The various benefits of internal force can be classified into three categories:

  1. To maintain life.
  2. To enhance life.
  3. To enable you to have better results no matter what you do.

Maintaining life is the most important function of internal force. It is also the function that is often neglected. As illness threatens life, your internal force will overcome illness more effectively than if you had no internal force. Indeed you are unlikely to be sick in the first place. All your physiological and psychological processes that keep you alive will work better than before.

If you have these signs of life, they indicate that you have successfully built internal force. If you are more prone to illness than before, it shows your training has not be correct.

After ensuring that life goes on harmoniously, your internal force will enhance life. All your life sustaining functions will work better than before. Hence, if you find that you have more stamina, can focus on your work more effectively, are not tired easily, you have trained internal force successfully. Reversely, if you find yourself easily out of breath, cannot concentrate on your work, or become tired easily, you have not been successful in building internal force.

Internal force enables you to have better results no matter what you do! When you read a book you can comprehend better, when you eat your meals you enjoy them more, when go out with your family you enjoy their company. These are signs that you have successfully build internal force. If you cannot focus on what your read, have no apatite, and are indifferent to your family, you have not been successful in your internal force training.

Internal force is not just for breaking bricks or your opponent’s bones. It enriches our life in countless ways.

internal force

Internal force enables you to perform well irrespective of where you may be

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread Secrets of Building Internal Force in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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