White Horse Presents Hoof

White Horse Presents Hoof

Using Pressing Attacks on your Opponent

The tactic of pressing attacks was introduced in Sequence 5. Indeed, if you practice the tactic well and be able to make appropriate adjustments according to the opponent's responses, you can press in effectively almost irrespective of how he responds. This sequence, Sequence 10, enhances the effectiveness of this tactic by adding a kicking attack.

How would you respond if your opponent uses the pressing tactic on you. If you move back, as most untrained combatants do, you will only play to his trick and be forced against a wall.

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Poise Patterns Black Tiger

There are a number of ways to stop a pressing attack. This sequence provides an example using the pattern “Beauty Looks at Mirror”. Subsequences sequences provide other methods.

In this sequence you press in vigorously, suing “Black Tiger”, “Fierce Tiger” and “Present Hoof” as if they were one long continuous pattern. As soon as your opponent responds to your “Black Tiger”, you ““threads” away his defence and press in with a “Fierce Tiger” As soon as he responds to your “Fierce Tiger”, you “open his gate” and execute a frontal thrust kick using the pattern “White Horse Presents Hoof”.

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Fierce Tiger Presents Hoof

Irrespective of whether he could respond to your thrust kick, you follow up with a palm thrust at his throat or eye, using “Angry Leopard Charges at Fire”. If your opponent strikes at your kicking leg, as in this sequence, you have to “tame” his hand before striking with a leopard punch, otherwise he may grip your groin or jab his palm thrust into your ribs.

To intercept your pressing attacks, your opponent swerves his body backward and then forward, without moving his feet, and effectively apply “Beauty Looks at Mirror”. In this way, he reverses his previously unfavorable situation to become favorable with just one simple move. Now you have to move your front leg backward into a False Leg Stance to avoid his threatening hand.

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Angry Leopard Poise Patterns

This is a very effective sequence to implement the pressing tactic. If you practice this sequence 50 times a day for six months, unless your opponent is very experienced and skilful, you have a very good chance to defeat him. It is of utmost importance that in your attack, you must never neglect your own defence and safety. Always be prepared that your opponent may intercept your pressing attacks and counter-attack suddenly


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Poise Patterns Black Tiger Fierce Tiger
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Present Hoof Angry Leopard Poise Patterns


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