The Way of the Master

Special and Limited Edition

  1. Who's this Little Boy?
  2. An Unforgettable Lesson
  3. Why was I Not a Good Fighter?
  4. Becoming a College Hero
  5. Marrying the Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  6. Dungun by the South China Sea
  7. My First Taste of Internal Force
  8. A Story that has Changed my Life and Countless People's Lives
  9. Chin-Na in One-Finger Shooting Zen
  10. Hook-Spring Leg

  11. The Joy of Having My First Child
  12. How Shaolin Kungfu was Transmitted to Our School
  13. Questions over Tea and Meals
  14. Elegant Counter against Muay Thai Knee Strikes
  15. Tell us One or Two Secrets
  16. Immortal Li and Monkey God
  17. A Memorable Talk with an Immortal
  18. Wei Foong was an Active, Chubby Baby
  19. Learning Tit-Ta and Wing Choon Kungfu from Sifu Choe Hoong Choy
  20. Three-Sectional Soft Whip and Thirteen-Technique Spear

  21. Chun Nga Could Break a Brick at the Age of Eleven
  22. Well Known for Lion Dance
  23. Siew Foong's Arrival Brought Love and Peace, and Financial Improvement
  24. Distant Chi Transmission is Unbelievable but True
  25. A Child who Composed his Own Songs and Language
  26. My Loving Mother and Father
  27. A Child Prodigy
  28. Two Requirements for a Good Book
  29. The Best Ice-Cream
  30. In the Amazon

  31. The Beautiful, Mystical White Horse
  32. Beautiful Switzerland
  33. Golden Bell and Breaking Bricks
  34. Alice Springs and Ayers Rock
  35. Land of the Mid-Night Sun
  36. The Best Oxtail Soup
  37. Beautiful Places and Delicious Food in Japan
  38. Everyday is a Festival in India
  39. Lessons from Road Signs
  40. Celebrating Life with Joy in Russia

  41. Experiencing the Arabian Nights
  42. Experiencing One Thousand and One Nights
  43. The Burning of the Shaolin Temple
  44. Good Health is Our Birth-Right
  45. Miracles Do Happen
  46. The Four Dimensions of Kungfu, Chi Kung or Any Art
  47. From 6 Months to 6 Hours
  48. A Most Wonderful Life
  49. Heart-to-Heart Transmission

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