The One-Finger Zen hand form in One-Finger Shooting Zen

Dim-mark and chin-na (擒拿) are the two advanced Shaolin arts trained in One-Finger Shooting Zen. Dim-mark uses One-Finger Zen, and chin-na uses Tiger-Claw.

My sifu also told me a story of how he used chin-na from One-Finger Shooting Zen to defeat a Taekwondo master.

My sifu was teaching One-Finger Shooting Zen to a class when a Taekwondo master came in. He watched my sifu teach for a while, and asked my sifu.

"What's it that you are teaching?"

"It's called One-Finger Shooting Zen." Answered my sifu.

"Can it be used for fighting?" He asked.

"Of course," my sifu said. "Every technique in Shaolin Kungfu can be used for fighting."

The Taekwondo master looked puzzled. "Can you show me?" He asked.

"Yes," my sifu said. He asked his students to move aside, and then told the Taekwondo master, "Now you can attack me in any way you want."

The Taekwondo master gave my sifu a fast side kick.

My sifu retreated a small step to avoid the kick, and used his right forearm of Single Tiger-Claw to support the kicking leg. Then, he circled his arm in the Single Tiger-Claw pattern so that his forearm and upper arm locked the opponent's foot, his Tiger-Claw gripped the opponent’s knee with his thumb pressing on the opponent's vital point causing him much pain. The opponent, standing on one leg and being off-balanced, was quite helpless.

"This is not a choice pattern in his situation but I want to use the same Tiger-Claw pattern in the One-Finger Shooting Zen sequence to show him there is combat application in what we are training," my sifu added.

"Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws", an internal art for training Tiger-Claw

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