8th to 14th October 2009, Penang

Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course 2009

Group photograph provided by Dr Damian Kissey

By all accounts, the Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course of 8th to 14th October 2009 conducted in Penang was an amazing course. Not only the course participants filled up some gaps in the Shaolin and Taijiquan syllabuses, they also greatly deepened the skills and knowledge of what they already know. More significantly, they have discovered from direct experience, they are capable of greater achievements than they think they can do.

  1. Shaolin is a Treasure
  2. Secrets of Zen, Stances and Footwork
  3. Subtleties and Insight of Basics
  4. The Course is Fun
  5. Intensive Courses and Regular Classes
  6. Still on Day One
  7. Sharing Some Secrets
  8. Dealing with Boxers
  9. Playing with New Friends and Taijiquan Sequences
  10. One against Many
  11. More Chances for You to Think Through
  12. Four Gates, Floating Clouds and Multiple Armed Attacks
  13. Covering Opponents and Counters against Multiple Attackers


Glimpses of the Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course

Courses and Classes