Playing with New Friends and Taijiquan Sequences

Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course 2009

Grandmaster Wong performing "Cloud Hands"

Zhang Wuji

Sifu Zhang Wuji - Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Singapore

26th October 2009

Playing with New Friends and Taijiquan Sequences

Hello everyone

Now for Day 3, and this was when the “new” material and secrets started to be unveiled. I use the word “new” in quotation marks because I personally don't think these secrets are on a higher plane than the basics. As I am writing this series of posts, I find myself taking several steps back in my daily training and practicing what I had started with a few years ago, from stances, to footwork and Sequences 1 to 4. I remain firmly convinced that most if not all the essential secrets are given by Sifu in a so-called beginner intensive course whether or not we are enlightened enough to see them is another matter. If I found myself floundering during the Advanced course, the primary reason was that my basics were not as sound as they should have been. In this, I am reminded of what I learnt years ago when I started Taijiquan, the higher the tree grows, the deeper its roots must sink.

Right, enough of my long-winded introduction.

In the morning, we were told not to assemble at our training area but at the terrace facing the beach. I thought this was because Sifu wanted us to do some force training in the best environment. This was one of the reasons of course, but as we came closer to the training area, the choice of venue became obvious. A few of the instructors had helped Wei Foong unload some weapons the day before, but there were some items which were surprising. That morning, we discovered the purpose for these items. Without giving too much away, I can say that Wing Chun practitioners aren't the only ones who have dummies to play with.

Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course 2009

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Robin demonstrating Taijiquan Combat Sequence 2

As our new friends were not quite ready to play, Sifu led us through a beautiful session of Lifting Water. I practise this exercise all the time, but it is amazing to do this in front of and in sync with the crashing waves of the sea. As Steve later said, it was as if it was the sea lifting our hands for us, rather than us lifting the water.

We gave our silent friends a pat and went back to the training hall, where we revised the 12 Taijiquan sequences. Actually, it was more like a demonstration by Robin and we all simply tagged along for the ride. And as my fellow participants have already said, we were treated to a performance of Cloud Hands by Sifu. That morning was certainly one of the most “flowing” training sessions I had.

We did not have a sparring session that morning as only a few of us were familiar with the Taijiquan sequences, but I think the Shaolinquan exponents experienced the nature of Wahnam Taijiquan and were able to appreciate the intrinsic differences between our two arts.

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The above discussion is reproduced from the thread “ 2009 Advanced-Combined Shaolin-Taijiquan Course ” started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 6th October 2009.



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