Covering Opponents and Counters against Multiple Attackers

Covering an opponent is a very important aspect in combat

Covering an opponent is very important in combat

Joshua Lawson

Joshua Lawson - Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam USA

19th November 2009

Covering Opponents and Counters against Multiple Attackers

Howdy, All....

Oh my goodness, I finally have a little time to sit down and post. It's maybe a little late, but I wanted to add just a little to Wuji Sihing's excellent synopsis of the course.

Since Wuji did such a fine job of covering everything, I thought I'd just add a couple of my personal highlights. Before the course I assumed that the more advanced material was going to be what stood out for me. And while that was true, reviewing and enhancing the basics turned out to be one of my favorite aspects! For instance, we spent quite a bit of time working on properly covering our opponents while moving in, moving really well in stances, not rushing in haphazardly to strike, etc.

Before the course, I'd spent quite a while focusing on this in my sparring practice and was really happy with the progress I'd made. I felt more in control and calm and dealing with surprise counters became much easier and more natural. Nonetheless, after just a couple sessions with Sifu's guidance I felt I'd improved more than in a couple months of my own practice! I think after a little sparring, Molly would agree with me! By the way, Sifu's first Q and A from last month touches on these topics as well as a whole smorgasbord of kungfu's well worth re-reading!

Against Multiple Attackers

Sifu Eugene demonstrates how to overcome multiple attackers

One other aspect that really wowed me was Sifu's manner of teaching the more advanced material, especially fighting multiple opponents. When we started, and each time we'd move to a new level of difficulty (as in adding another opponent), Sifu would put us in groups and let us try to work things out on our own, then we'd demonstrate in front of everyone. Usually this entailed demonstrating our lack of ability to fight off a horde of kungfu exponents coming after us!

Then Sifu would explain, very simply, the various tactics to be used, demonstrate once or twice and then put us back in our groups to work on it. After just a few minutes we'd be called up to demonstrate again, and the difference was incredible. I really enjoyed this method of teaching, not just for its effectiveness, but also because trying it on our own first showed us just how difficult it really is to deal with even 2 or 3 people. In turn, we could then much better appreciate the how understanding the tactics and a few minutes of practice improved things drastically. And besides that, it was so much fun!

And though it's been mentioned repeatedly, it bears repeating that the people at this course really made it fantastic. Thank you, everyone for the wonderful practice and comraderie. It was truly a great pleasure and privilege. And Sifu, my thanks again and again. This course really made a significant change, not just in my practice, but in my heart and in my life. Thank you!

My best to all,

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