January to June 2012

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January 2012 Part 1

Chen Style Taijiquan

Isn't this amazing? Though many of us in Shaolin Wahnam may have taken it for granted, it is good to remind ourselves that a main reason to practice our arts is to enrich our lives and the lives of other people.

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January 2012 Part 2

Maitreya Budfdha

Ehe next Buddha would be Maitreya Buddha who would come at a time when the world reached a decadent period of spirituality, and the coming Buddha would bring an era of laughter.

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January 2012 Part 3

Shaolin Kung Fu

Traditionally, kungfu masters are over 45, and the older they get the better they become. Below 45 they are considered too young to be able to become masters.

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February 2012 Part 1

Onbe-Finger Shooting Zen

One-Finger Shooting Zen is a treasure of Shaolin Wahnam.

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February 2012 Part 2

Flowing breeze and swaying willows

If one practices Shaolin Kungfu and is unable to use it for combat, the fault lies with himself and not with Shaolin Kungfu. He has learnt only the external form of Shaolin Kungfu and has missed its essence. This, unfortunately, is the norm today.

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February 2012 Part 3

Tai Chi Chuan

A forte of our school is to apply what we learn in class to enrich our daily life and the lives of other people. You don't just learn an internal art, you acquire skills, techniques and philosophy that enhance your daily life.

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March 2012 Part 1

Smiling from the Heart

We have passed this stage of amazement. These amazing results have become so common that students do not find them amazing any more! Rather, now they find our answers to their technical questions amusing.

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March 2012 Part 2

Bug Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel

Literally thousands of thousands of people, not just in kungfu and chi kung but in all walks of life, have wasted years and also harmed themselves because they do not understand or appreciate the difference between techniques, skills and results.

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March 2012 Part 3

Kung Fu Sparring

God is all compassionate. He gives His blessings to everybody. Then, why many people are sick and suffer? Don't blame God. It is they who close themselves and block the blessings of God. Cosmic Shower is an excellent chi kung exercise to open the blockage and let the blessings of God flow through.

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April 2012 Part 1

Shaolin Kungfu

If I remember correctly, I once asked my sifu during causal conversation, "Sifu, what is the most advanced art in our school?"

He just replied causally, "Sum seong si seng" (Cantonese) which means "Heart thinks, events material". "Heart" in Chinese here means mind.

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April 2012 Part 2

Happy healthy and wholesomely rich

The term "meditation" has been badly translated from Sanskrit and classical Chinese which means "mind training" or "spiritual cultivation", but since its usage has been long established, people continue using the term.

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April 2012 Part 3

internal force

The difference between Taijiquan and Taiji dance is not just in the benefits, but also in the training.

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May 2012 Part 1

Grandmaster and Mrs Wong Kiew Kit

Many people have kindly remarked that my wife is beautiful and looks much younger than her age. This is due to a great extent to the chi kung she daily practices.

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May 2012 Part 2

The Buddha

The teachings of the Buddha and great masters are simple. If you do not understand the teachings, it is not because they are complicating, but because you lack the necessary knowledge, wisdom or experience.

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May 2012 Part 3

Islamic science

Muslims were (and are) great scientists. Their contributions to mathematics and astronomy are well known. The numbers we now use like 1, 2, 3 for example, are a gift from the Muslims. In fact, it was the Muslims who stimulated the Renaisscance that brought Europe out of the dark ages.

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June 2012 Part 1


His teaching of Eighteen Lohan Hands and Sinew Metamorphosis resulted in Shaolin Kungfu being the greatest martial art in the world as well as in bringing good health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and spiritual joys to countless people irrespective of race, culture and religion.

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June 2012 Part 2

Fujian Shaolin

This Southern Shaolin Monastery at Quanzhou was burnt by the Qing Army with the help of Lama kungfu experts from Tibet with their flying guillotines. The Venerable Chee Seen escaped and built another Southern Shaolin Monastery on the Nine-Lotus Mountain also in Fujian Province. This second Southern Shaolin Temple on the Nine-Lotus Mountain was also burnt by the Qing Army, this time with the help of Pak Mei.

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June 2012 Part 3

Single Tiger against Black Tiger

What is transmitted from heart to heart may be techniques, tactics, strategies, skills or intuitive understanding. The transmission may operate at different levels.

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