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A sophisticated technique against a Kick-Boxer is to fell him onto the ground as he kicks

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After learning how to handle a Boxer, handling a Kick-Boxer is not difficult. Technically, it is like handling a Boxer who also kicks. Whenever he kicks, strikes his kicking leg and immediately move in to strike his body.

A good way to handle the fast punches of a Kick-Boxer is to intercept them, cover his hands, and move in to strike him. As he punches, just life up your front arm to deflect his punches. You should deflect his punches from the “out-side” so that you can easily cover his two hands.

shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Intercepting Punches Intercepting Punches

When you close in on a Boxer, he may bounces away, in which case you chase after him. But a Kick-Boxer may move a step back and kick at you.

shaolin kungfu
Be Aware of his Kicks

All you need to do is to shift your body backward, without moving your feet, strike his kicking leg, and immediately move in to strike his body. Make sure you cover his hands and legs as you move in.

shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Move Back and Strike his Leg Strike Continuously

Sometime a Kick-Boxer may apply double kicks. In other words, as you move forward to strike him after his first kick, he may kick at you again. What should you do. Simple! Just shift your body backward again and strike his second kicking leg, then move forward again to strike him continuously. If you have good footwork and body-movement, you should have not difficulty moving back a second time.

shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Countering Double Kicks Countering Double Kicks

A more sophisticated counter against a Kick-Boxer is to fell him when he kicks. A good pattern to use is “Fell Tree with Roots”. As he kicks, moves back to avoid the kick. As soon as he places his kicking leg on the ground, move in to fell him. It is important to cover him as you move in.

A good tactic is “Right Kick, Fell Right; Left Kick, Fell Left”. If he kicks you with his right leg, move to his right side to fell him with your right leg in front. If he kicks you with his left leg, move to his left side and fell him with your left leg in front. With some practice, you can move correctly and spontaneously. If you mix up your left-right mode, it does not matter; just make a footwork adjustment.

shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Felling from his Right Felling from his Left

It may not be likely, but a good Kick-Boxer may counter with a Muay Thai knee jab as you attempt to fell him or move in to strike him. In Shaolin philosophy we never underestimate our opponent, and always presume that he has the ability to do so.

shaolin kungfu
Knee Jab Attack

An excellent counter against a knee jab is to fell the opponent using the Shaolin pattern called “Plant Willow in Front of Camp” . This is a legacy from your Sigong or Sitaigong Ho Fatt Nam.

As the opponent strikes with a knee jab, deflect (not block) his knee strike and fell him by placing your front leg behind his standing leg. Use the tactic of “Right Kick, Fell Right; Left Kick, Fell Left”. If he kicks with his right knee, fell him with your right leg in front. If he kicks with his left knee, fell him with your left leg in front.

In the second video clip below, the exponent is about to fell the opponent with his left leg in front as opponent kicks with his left knee. But the opponent moves his left leg backward, so the exponent makes an impromptu footwork adjustment and fell the opponent with the right leg.

shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Planting Willow Planting Willow

When you are familiar with these simple techniques, handling a Kick-Boxer is quite easy.

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How You Can Apply Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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