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Counter against a sweeping kick

A strong point of Boxers and some Kick-Boxers is their fast punches. But it is not difficult to intercept their punches and counter-strike if you know how.

When you close a Boxer, he may bounce away, in which case you “chase, cover and strike”. But when you close a Kick-Boxer, he may respond with a sweeping kick. An effective counter is to sink back, strike his leg, then shoot forward to strike him continuously. You may also fell him onto the ground.

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shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Intercepting Punches Intercepting Punches Against Boxing
shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Against Boxing Sweeping Kick
shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu shaolin kungfu
Against Kick-Boxing Against Kick-Boxing Against Kick-Boxing

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Intercepting Fast Punches and Striking Kicking Legs in Shaolin Kungfu from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Selection from Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course in Frankfurt of June 2008

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  1. Applying Shaolin Kungfu against other Martial Arts
  2. Applying the Tactic of Chase, Cover and Strike against Boxers
  3. Effective Shaolin Techniques and Tactics against Kick-Boxing
  4. Intercepting Fast Punches and Striking Kicking Legs
  5. Shaolin Counters against Sweeping Kicks and Knee Jabs
  6. Handling Kick-Boxers and Muay Thai Fighters
  7. Counters against Knee Strikes, Elbow Strikes and Elbow Dislocations
  8. Effective Ways to Handle Boxers
  9. Counters against Kick-Boxing and Wrestling Attacks
  10. The Eight Distilled Combat Sequences

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