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Whirlwind Kick

A common mis-conception among some people is that there are no kicks in Taijiquan. Actually, as Taijiquan is a complete art, kicks constitute an important aspect of attack.

However there are some innate weaknesses in kicks. If all other factors were equal, when an exponent executes a kick his balance, stability as well as mobility are not as effective as when his two feet are on the ground. Thus, if you strike an opponent as he lowers his leg after his kick, for example, you would have a better chance of hitting him than when he is not kicking.

A skillful exponent not only takes care of such innate weaknesses of kicks, he also create situations when kicks are favorable. This series of video clips on Combat Sequences 4 and 5 which deal with thrust kicks, side kicks and whirlwind kicks, and their defences, puts these principles into practical application.

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Cross-Hands Thrust Kick

Combat Squences

Initiate with a feint attack, which may become real if the opponent fails to defend against it. As he counter-attacks, move to a side and execute a thrust kick.

Double Kicking Attacks

Combat Sequences

As your opponent avoids the first thrust kick, continue with a second side-kick. He avoids both kicks using the pattern “Striking Tiger Poise”.

Continuous Kicks

Combat Sequences

The participants practice the sequence in solo routine where the initiator attacks with continuous kicks.

Defence against Continuous Kicks

Combat Sequences

Participants defend against double continuous kicks using “Strike Tiger Poise”. This pattern can be used against any kicks!

Striking a Kicking Opponent

Combat Sequences

As soon as an opponent completes his kick or kicks, move in swiftly with a punch. If you are fluent in this movement you stand a good chance of defeating your opponent each time he kicks. This constitutes Combat Sequence 4.

Initiator's Mode of Sequence 4

Combat Sequences

The initiator's mode of Combat Sequence 4 is performed in solo. The first kick may be feint or real. As soon as an opponent responds to the first kick, continuous immediately with the second kick.

Responder's Mode of Sequence 4

Combat Sequences

This is the responder's mode of Sequence 4. Once you have avoided an opponent's kick, it does not matter how fast he may kick or for how many times, his kicks cannot reach you unless he moves in closer. As soon as he completes his kick or kicks and places his kicking leg on the ground, you move in swiftly with a strike.

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Continuous Arrow Punches

Combat Sequences

An effective way to implement a pressing attack on an opponent is the continuous arrow punches. You must ensure your own safety as you press in to attack.

Whirlwind Kicks to Break Pressing Attacks

Combat Sequences

An effective way to break pressing attacks of continuous punches is kicking an opponent as he presses in. The whirlwind kick here is known in Taijiquan as “Swaying the Lotus”.

Swaying the Lotus

Combat Sequences

The responder's mode of Sequence 5 is practiced in solo. The front left leg is moved back and the whirlwind kick is executed with the right leg.

Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia

Combat Sequences

As an opponent executes a sweeping kick, respond with “Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia”. This Heavenly Priest pattern, like the Striking Tiger pattern, can be used against any kicks!

Roll-Steps in Attack and Counter

Combat Sequences

The role is now reversed. Notice the forward roll-step is used in the attack, and the backward roll-step is used in the counter-attack.

Sequence 5 in Solo Training

Combat Sequences

Practitioners practice Sequence 5. As an attacker counter-attacks with a whirlwind kick, move aside and strike the kicking leg with “Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia”.

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Combat Sequences 4 and 5 -- Thrust Kick, Side Kick and Whirlwind Kick from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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