January to June 2015

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January 2015 Part 1

Feeling Joyful Everyday

Thank you once again for being my Sifu. I feel like my training is improving these days. I feel more joyful and I am starting to see from my own experience that every moment in life can potentially be in joy and bliss.

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January 2015 Part 2

Small and Big Universe

The Small Universe, as I mentioned at the course, not only gives you good health and vitality, and enables you to live beyond a hundred years, it will also make you lucky in both your private and public life. The Small Universeal chi flow brings good circulation of chi or "hou yun chi", which means good luck in Chinese.

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January 2015 Part 3

ISingle Tiger Emerges from Cave

For patterns like Single Tiger Emerges from Cave, you can deflect an opponent's attack at his wrist or elbow. You may, if you like, grip his wrist or elbow, not just deflecting his attack away.

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February 2015 Part 1

Baguazhang at UK Summer Camp

As a martial art, Baguazhang is necessarily solid. And as a martial art, it is also necessarily agile. That is what Baguazhang or any good martial art should be -- solid and agile at the same time, manifesting yin-yang harmony.

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February 2015 Part 2

students' safety

In our school we are very clear about sexual misconduct and misuse of power. We ensure that everyone in our school is safe from sexual, power or any other form of abuse.

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February 2015 Part 3

Happy Family

Sifu, our school is noted for happy family life, and you are a shining example. What in your experience is the most important factor that makes a family happy and united?

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March 2015 Part 1

Uncle Righeousness

In the first place, I took great effort to search for the right sifu to learn from. All my sifus were not just patriarchs of their arts, but exemplary in their character. It was really my honour to call them "sifu".

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March 2015 Part 2

taming tiger for tiger claw

No one denies the benefits of press-ups and running. In my younger days, I spent a lot of time doing press-ups in an exercise called Taming Tiger, and running in the Art of Thousand Steps. I did press-ups over 100 times. In Taming-Tiger, an external exercise for Tiger-Claw, I used tiger-claws instead of open palms for press-ups.

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March 2015 Part 3

Lifting the Sky

My favorite chi kung exercise, the one that I have performed the most often, is Lifting the Sky. It was also the first chi kung exercise I learned and successfully practiced as chi kung. I learned it from my third sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. This was also the first exercise he taught me, even before the Horse-Riding Stance or One-Finger Shooting Zen.

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April 2015 Part 1

chi flow

As I mentioned in class, we do not mean to glamorize ourselves or belittle others, but more than 80% of chi kung practitioners today only practice gentle physical exercise and not chi kung, and they themselves may not realize it.

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April 2015 Part 2

Guan Yin Bodhisattva

Guan Yin Bodh Satt, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, is closely related to our school. She often comes to our courses all over the world to bestow blessings to us. On numerous occasions, not only me but many other course participants felt her presence distinctly.

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April 2014 Part 3

bone marrow cleansing

It is just ridiculous but true that past masters took years to attain chi flowing at various levels, but our students can achieve the same result in just one day! It is understandable of others do not believe what we way, but there is no doubt that all the students present today (9th June 2014) on this Bone Marrow Cleansing Course know this is true.

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May 2015 Part 1

internal force and charisma

Yes, internal force, sincerity and charisma are important factors for the success of our school. There are also other important factors, two of which are the wonderful benefits of our arts, and our dedication in preserving them.

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May 2015 Part 2

Shaolin Temple

Many people have kindly commented that my book, "The Art of Shaolin Kung Ku", greatly inspired them in their practice. The book will show you, amongst other benefits, the philosophy and purpose of practicing Shaolin Kungfu, but you need to learn from competent teachers the skills of applying the techniques mentioned in the book to get desirable results.

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May 2015 Part 3

combat efficiency

Yes, the goal of all martial art is combat efficiency. But you and many other people may be surprised at the fact that more than 80% of martial artists of any style today, including advanced practitioners like black-belts and masters, have no combat efficiency, though many of them are good at punching and kicking others and enduring punches and kicks from others!

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June 2015 Part 1


As many students in our school have realized, all teaching in Shaolin Wahnam is a teaching of Zen. The hallmark of Zen is being simple, direct and effective.

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June 2015 Part 2

Holistic Health Cultivation Centre

Over-training is a unique problem in our school. By "unique" I don't mean that no one in the past over-trained. What I mean is that no school as a whole in the past and at present over-train at a scale and depth as we do.

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June 2015 Part 3

chi kung, qigong

Heart to heart transmission is self-explanatory. It means the transfer of knowledge, skills, wisdom or realization from the heart of the teacher to the heart of the student. However, like many arts such as chi kung and spiritual cultivation, the uninitiated may still not understand the meaning even when it is clearly explained.

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