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The Hawaii Fantasy

  1. Three Dimensions of Mind Training
  2. Favorite Zen Stories
  3. Is Enlightenment Sudden or Gradual?
  4. No Thought, Gong-An and Spiritual Awakening
  5. My Zen Master
  6. Preparation for and Benefits from the Intensive Zen Course in Hawaii
  7. Love and Compassion in Zen Training
  8. Techniques, Skills and Kungfu Sets in Zen Cultivation
  9. How do Personal Beliefs Affect Zen Cultivation?
  10. One-Finger Shooting Zen
  11. Grandmaster Wong's First Zen Awakening
  12. Priority of Needs and Aspirations
  13. Dealing with Emotions in Combat and in Zen Training
  14. Reducing the Mind to One or Expanding the Mind to Zero
  15. Heaven Secrets Must Not be Revealed Indiscriminately

These questions and answers are reproduced from the thread, Zen Intensive in Hawaii Q&A in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.