Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Application Set 1

Wahnam Taijiquan

Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Application Set 1
White Snake Shoots Venom

“White Snake Shoots Venom” is the first of the Wahnam Taijiquan combat application sets. It is formed from the first three combat sequences, namely Immortal Waves Sleeves, Low Stance Vertical Punch, and White Snake Shoots Venom.

The initial attack footwork is from left mode advancing to right mode, and the initial defence footwork is from left mode retreating to right mode. Notice that the set should be practiced as chi kung, which means that you should be relaxed and focused, use internal force in both attack and defence, and not be tired or panting after performing the whole set.

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White Snake Shoots Venom -- Fast from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


"White Snake Shoots Venom" in Slow Motion
"White Snake Shoots Venom" in Picture Series

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