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Wuzuquan Sparring, Five-Ancestor Kungfu

Sifu Ronny and Sifu Chris demonstrating Wuzuquan sparring

While Kneading Hands is meant to test internal force and solidness of stances, the sparring set is meant to train combat.

The set is composed of four sequences, and includes all the four categories of striking, kicking, felling and chin-na. It is efficacious in acquiring the element of threat, and effective for fighting against other martial artists.

Profundity in simplicity is well manifested in the set. Watching the set, it is easy for many people to miss its depth and think Wuzuquan is mainly punching and blocking. Those who attended the course would realize the profundity in its apparently simplicity.

The defend moves at the beginning, for examples, like Flick Hand and Catch Hand, are not blocks but deflecting and counter movements, and depending on how you respond with the same techniques you may expose yourself or close an opponent effectively.

Sifu Chris and Sifu Ronny give an excellent demonstration of the sparring set here. At the time the videos were recorded, they had just completed learning the set, which took them only two days.

    1. Wuzuquan Sparring Set -- Sequence 1
    2. Wuzuquan Sparring Set -- Sequence 2
    3. Wuzuquan Sparring Set -- Sequence 3
    4. Wuzuquan Sparring Set -- Sequence 4

You can also view the complete Sparring Set here


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