Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan

Santiago and Sifu Leonard in Taijiquan sparring

Of all the various styles of Taijiquan, Chen Style is best known for combat. Chen Style Taijiquan is very different form what many people conceptualize Taijiquan to be, which is gentle and slow, and is best represented by Yang Style Taijiquan.

Chen Style Taijiquan is hard and fast, more similar to Shaolin Kungfu than to Yang Style Taijiquan. The set taught in this course, “Flowing Water Floating Clouds”, was composed by Grandmaster Wong based on Chen Style principles and practice.

Basic stances were reviewed, and Cloud Hands was used to develop internal force. Various techniques, like Fierce Dragon Across Stream, Single Whip and Thrust Punch, were employed to explode force.

The set was learned and some combat applications were explained. There was some special emphasis on using Taijiquan against Boxers. Due to limitation of time, only one combat sequence of Flowing Water Floating Clouds was taught. Yet it provided sufficient applications to handle combat situations in general, including pressing attack in free sparring competitions.

We wish to thank Sifu Fleur Chapman for recording the videos.

8th April 2013, Penang.

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