Four Gates

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating a counter against a kick

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  1. Important Foundation and Signature Greetings
  2. Learning Flour Gates in an Hour!
  3. Some Interesting Questions from Four Gates
  4. Magic of Form, Force and Flow
  5. Performance of Four Gates with Jing, Qi and Shen
  6. The Cross-Roads at Four Gates Set
  7. How to Tell a Master from Ordinary Practitioners
  8. Some Fine Points in Sequence 1
  9. One Hand to Spar, One Hand to Drink Tea
  10. Some Details on How to Use Just One Hand in Combat

  11. Using Just One Hand to Defend against All Forms of Attack
  12. Substituting a Planned Attack and Countering a Whirlwind Kick
  13. Sophisticated Techniques Using the Tactic of No Defence Direct Counter
  14. How to be Fast and Forceful Without Being Painting or Feeling Tired
  15. Pressing Attacks, Chin-Na and Taming Hands
  16. Chin-Na and Tiger-Claw
  17. Unicorn Step and Poisonous Snake Basking in Mist
  18. Applying Same Techniques at Elementary or Advanced Level in Same Combat Situations
  19. Amazing Leg Techniques for Attacks and Counters
  20. Marvels of Catching Tiger in Mountain

  21. Practicing Combat Sequences for Free Sparring or Real Fighting
  22. Some Amazing Techniques and Ground Fighting
  23. Yellow Bird, Rising Dragon and Galloping Tiger
  24. Kungfu Patterns are as Beautiful to Watch as they are Effective for Combat
  25. Skills and Techniques for Combat
  26. Linking Combat Sequences into a Combination Set
  27. Secret of Subtraction and Addition in Combat Sequence Training
  28. Shaolin Movements are Technically Faster than Boxing Movements
  29. Using Body-Movement and Interception to Counter a Boxer
  30. Counters against the Formidable Knee Strikes and the Common Shoot

  31. Four Gates Combination Set -- Part 1
  32. Four Gates Combination Set -- Part 2
Four Gates

Applying Four Gates for combat


You can also view all the videos above in more details here

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