Combat application

Shaolin Combat Application

Combat Sequences 1-16 as well as Pushing Hands Series 1-8 and Striking Hands Series 1-8 are basic methods to train combat efficiency in Shaolin Kungfu and Wahnam Taijiquan respectively in our school. Besides skills, techniques, tactics and strategies, there is a basic theme in each sequence or series.

These themes are listed below for easy reference:

Shaolin Combat Sequences

  1. The Big Mistake concerning Free Sparring
  2. How You may Avoid an Heavy Object Crashing onto You
  3. Near enough to Strike but Far enough to be Safe
  4. How to Flow and Press, and be Safe
  5. Progressing to the Right Leg Mode for Combat
  6. Reducing Movements and Increasing Speed
  7. Rotating Waist and Shifting Position
  8. How to Follow Up from a Feign Attack
  9. How to Open the Way for Kicks
  10. Using Pressing Attacks on your Opponent
  11. Using the Tactic of Feign-Real Attack
  12. Various Ways of Intercepting an Opponent's Attacks
  13. Planning a Strategy to Fell an Opponent
  14. Laying a Trap for your Opponent
  15. Planning a Combat-Ending Throw
  16. Let Mercy Flow from Your Hands

Combat application

Taijiquan Combat Application

Taijiquan Pushing Hands and Striking Hands Series

  1. Why is there Only One Technique in Pushing Hands
  2. What is meant by Applying Techniques Skillfully
  3. Creating a Technical Advantage over a Massive Opponent
  4. Getting to the Back of your Opponent
  5. Progressing from Techniques to Tactics in Combat
  6. Tilting the Balance when your Opponent is Equal in Skills and Techniques
  7. Exploiting Free Offers given by Opponents
  8. The Use of Techniques, Tactics and Strategies
  9. From Developing Skills to Applying Techniques
  10. What would You Do when your Opponent is your Equal
  11. A Taijiquan Technique Against Any Kicks
  12. How to Maneuver your Opponent into his Unaccustomed Mode
  13. How to put the Opponent at a Disadvantageous Position
  14. Flowing with your Opponent to Overcome Him
  15. How to Make your Opponent Lose his Fighting Ability
  16. Turning the Table back on your Opponent

For details of how these themes can be implemented, refer to the respective links at Webpages for Review


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