Cannon Punch Towards the Sky


  1. After Pattern 5A, come back to Ready Position. Face north.

  2. Then move the left leg forward to Left Bow-Arrow Stance. Swing the left hand, in snake form, from right breast to left knee. Elbow is fairly straight. This is called a "leak" hand.

  3. Immediately swing up the right fist in an arc from the right thigh to a position about a foot in front of the body at chest level. The elbow is bent. This is called a "cannon" punch. Simultaneously "twist" (see Pattern 2) the left palm back to the left waist and hold it in a fist.

  4. Move the right leg forward to a right Bow-Arrow Stance. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 substituting "right" for "left" and vice versa.

    Leak Hand Cannon Punch


    The "leak" hand in this pattern is an example of the "leak" technique used in the principle of "minimum force against maximum force". For example, in the photographs below, the attacker's chop (right side of the photograph) is blocked by the defender (left side of the photograph).

    At the moment of contact, or better still, before contact, but at the moment when the attacker is certain of the upward movement of the defender's hand to block, the attacker instantly "leaks" his hand under and round the defender's block, and attacks the defender from below with a "flapping" punch, at a time when the defender's arm is probably still moving upward. Here, force is not necessary while "leaking" the hand under and round the opponent's block. Use force only as your flapping punch strikes the opponent.

    The "leak" is also effective in releasing a grip on the cannon punch in this pattern. For example, if your cannon punch is held by your opponent, instead of trying to pull it back and retreating your front leg, move forward your back leg in between the opponent's two legs. Simultaneously, change your cannon punch into a "leak" hand and swing it, after a twist, into the opponent's groin. Instantly swing your oher cannon punch into his lower jaw.

    Combat application of Leak Hand



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