This was the first kungfu book written by Grandmaster Wong, first published in 1981 and reprinted many times. Its revised edition was published by Cosmos Publication in 2016.

The following are some extracts from the book. Being extracts, they are random, abridged desctiptions, which means the original work is much longer and in greated details.

The following are some extracts from the book:

  1. What is Kungfu
  2. Kungfu: Its Aims and Moral Code
  3. Leak Hand Cannon Punch
  4. Golden Cockerel Stands Solitarly
  5. A Crow Flaps its Wings
  6. Two Tigers Tame a Dragon
  7. Some Applications of Dragon-Tiger set
  8. Combination Practice of Dragon-Tiger Set
  9. Specific Techniques of Dragon-Tiger Set
  10. Force Training
  11. Chinese Classical Weapons
  12. Some General Principles of Kuagfu


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