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Chi kung can overcome any disease!


In an Intensive Chi Kung Course, you teach the same chi kung exercises to different people. Yet, when they return home to practice on their own, they overcome different types of diseases. How is it possible that the same chi kung exercises overcome different types of diseases?

— Michael, USA


Thank you for this interesting question.

Using the same chi kung exercises to overcome a variaty of illness is not sensible in the Western medical paradigm, but in the Chinese medical paradigm it is reasonable and scientific.

From the traditional Chinese medical philosophy, the philosophy that has maintained the health of the biggest population of the world for the longest period of history, there is only one cause of diseases, and it is energy blockage. It there is no blockage, i.e. if chi, or vital energy, flows harmoniously, there will be no illness. Good health is a natural birth-right.

I have used this principle to help countless people to overcome their illness. When different people with different diseases come to see me for healing, I do not see them as suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart problems, rheumatism, depression, anxiety, viral infextion or any disease described variously by Western medicine, I see them as suffering from energy blockage.

I teach them to generate an energy flow. When they return home from my chi kung courses, they continue to practice generating energy flow. When the energy flow clears their blockage, they recover from their illness.

The same reality occurs in Western medicine, or any medicine too, though those familiar with Western medicine may not see it in the same way. If all the systems, organs, issues, glans and cells work the way they are meant to work, no illness will occur. Chinese medical philosophy describes this concept as harmonious energy flow.

The above is taken from Question 1 December 2018 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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