agility and solidness

Basic Taijiquan Training — Agility and Solidness

In Taijiquan, as in any martial art, one must not just be powerful but he must also be agile. If a practitioner is only powerful but not agile, or is only agile but not powerful, in kungfu terms it is said that he commits the “weakness of double yang”.

In Taijiquan training, an important principle to attain this harmony of agility and solidness (i.e. being powerful) is “movement at the waist”, which is a crucial factor in effective bodywork. Some may have read about the mention that in Taijiquan “the hands do not move, but the waist moves”.

This video clip shows an example. This basic skill, amongst others, contributes to masters being “light like feather but heavy like mountain”.

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Basic Taijiquan Training -- Agility and Solidness from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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