Basic Wahnam Taijiquan Set

Wahnam Taijiquan

Basic Wahnam Taijiquan Set
White Crane Flaps Wings

This is the basic Taijiquan set in Shaolin Wahnam. Although it is a short, simple set, it has all the movements needed for training fundamental Taijiquan skills and techniques in our school, including practicing stances and footwork, generating energy flow, building energy at the dan tian, developing internal force, exploding force, as well as applying combat techniques for all the four categories of attack and defence.

This set manifests our principles of being simple, direct and effective. Those used to Yang Style Taijiquan being performed slowly may think that our basic Taijiquan set looks more like Shaolin Kungfu than Taijiquan, but if we compare to what has been recorded in classics, we believe it may actually be closer to what Yang Lu Chan practiced.

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White Crane Flaps Wings with Force and Speed from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


"White Crane Flaps Wings" in Slow Motion
"White Crane Flaps Wings" in Picture Series

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