Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Application Set 2

Wahnam Taijiquan

Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Application Set 2
Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

"Green Dragon Shoots Pearl", the second of the Wahnam Taijiquan combat application set, is formed from Combat Sequences 4 to 6, namely Green Dragon Shoots Pearl, White Crane Flaps Wings, and Striking Tiger Poise, where kicking attacks and defences against them are introduced.

The initial attack footwork is from left mode advancing to left mode, and the initial defence footwork is from right mode retreating to right mode. The performance shown in the video clip is in real time, but as some of the patterns are so fast that it may not be easy to see them, the set is repeated with the movements performed more slowly.

Please click the picture or the caption below to view the video

Green Dragon Shoots Pearl -- Fast from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


"Green Dragon Shoots Pearl" in Slow Motion
"Green Dragon Shoots Pearl" in Picture Series

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