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Wahnam Taijiquan Simplified Set — Cloud Hands

This Wahanm Taijiquan set named "Cloud Hands" is a simplified form of the basic set "White Crane Flaps Wings". Yet it is comprehensive, and incorporates all important Taijiquan movements, force training and combat application! You may practice the whole set, or select patterns or sequences from it.

It is performed here slowly so that you can see mechanics of Taijiquan footwork, bodywork and waist movement. Pay attention to the three external harmonies of legs, body and hands, and the three internal harmonies of essence, energy and mind.

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Cloud Hands in Slow Motion from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Cloud Hands (Slow) 2015
Cloud Hands (Fast) 2015
Cloud Hands in Picture Series 2015
Cloud Hands (Fast) in early 2000s
Cloud Hands in Picture Series 2000s

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