chi flow

Chi (qi) or energy is the essential aspect of Taijiquan. Without this aspect of chi, Taijiquan will be ineffectual for promoting health, combat efficiency and spiritual cultivation — the three reasons why genuine, traditional Taijiquan is devotedly practiced. (Note: if people, especially the elderly, practice gentle external Taiji forms for recreation and socialization, that is beneficial too, though we would not consider it genuine, traditional Taijiquan.)

This video clip shows course participants enjoy a chi flow. This is actually not a Taijiquan class, but a chi kung class, but as we do not have a video clip from a Taijiquan class available presently, we release this one to give an idea what a chi flow experience is like. A chi flow experience from a Taijiquan class is similar.

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Basic Taijiquan Training -- Chi flow from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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