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How Sophisticated Kungfu Techniques Developed from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

As shown in A Lesson from the UK Summer Camp 2014 and A Lesson from the Ireland Course 2014, if you apply sequence attacks, other martial artists in free sparring or competitions have little chances to defend against your attacks, unless they are overwhelmingly higher level in combat than you.

This is because they have no counters in their repertoire against your attacks if you apply them flowingly and fast. If you hesitate or are slow, they will have time to recover and strike you.

Does this mean that if you apply similar sequence attacks on a kungfu master, you will also defeat him? No. This is because he has the skills and techniques to counter you. This, in fact, was how sophisticated kungfu techniques developed. At first kungfu techniques were also straightforward, like much of free sparring today. Over time more sophisticated techniques were used to defeat opponents, who in turn had to devise more sophisticated counters against them. This occurred for more than 1500 years in Shaolin Kungfu, leading to the development of sophisticated techniques and skills for fighting.

In the video above Grandmaster Wong demonstrated how he could stop Richard's sequence attack as soon as Richard started. If Grandmaster Wong used Boxing or Kick-Boxing as most martial artists use in free sparring, he would be defeated by Richard's sequence attack as there are no counters in Boxing or Kick-Boxing against such attacks. But when he used Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan or Praying Mantis, Grandmaster Wong could stop Richard as soon as Richard made his first move.

This impromptu demonstration was made during a course on the Legacy of Wong Fei Hoong at the UK Summer Camp 2014.


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