Drunken eight Immortals

Wong Chun Yian throws a giant away

We had some fun during the concluding session of the regional Shaolin Kungfu course from 4th to 8th July 2011 in Portugal. Course participants applied Drunken Eight Immortals techniques to counter Aikido attacks.

The video clips below show a selection of these lessons. The first three videos show some typical Aikido counters against charging assailants. Wong Chun Yian has no difficulty throwing Jose away though Jose is much bigger and stronger. Chun Yian then fells Grandmaster Wong with an Aikido hand-lock. Grandmaster Wong fells Paulo and places him in a difficult position.

How would you counter these Aikido techniques if they are applied on you? As Chun Yian throws Grandmaster Wong, Grandmaster Wong counters with "On Ground Lock Throat". Grandmaster Wong releases Desiderio's hand-lock using "Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus". As Chun Yian attempts to twist Grandmaster Wong's arm and throw him face-on onto the ground, Grandmaster Wong counters with "Dong Bin Draws Sword".

Aikido Aikido Aikido
Throwing a Giant Aikido Hand-Lock Twisting Arm

Drunken Eight Immortals Drunken Eight Immortals Drunken Eight Immortals
On Ground Lock Throat Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus Dong Bin Draws Sword

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Drunken Immotals against Aikido from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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