Praying Mantis Kungfu

Sun Heng's "Jump Step Avoid Forceifested in an excellent way to avoid any kick

Wang Lang, the founder of Praying Mantis Kungfu, collected the best 18 techniques of his time and incorporated them into a kungfu set he composed, "Tang Lang Shi Ba Shou", or "Praying Mantis Eighteen Collection". These 18 techniques were:

  1. Ascend Mountain Thrust Punch of First Emperor Long Fist, or Tai Zu Zhang Quan
  2. Seven-Star Chop Fist of Han Tong's Extended Arm Kungfu, or Dong Bi Quan
  3. Distract-Trick Chop Waist of Zhang Er's Close and Cover, or Guan Pi
  4. Seven-Star Turn Cart of Wen Yuan's Short Strike, or Duan Da
  5. Seven-Star Thrust Punch of Ma Ji's Close Combat, or Jin Da
  6. Jump Step Avoid Force of Sun Heng's Monkey Style, or Hou Quan
  7. Ascend Mountain Elbow Strike of Huang Nian's Hand Anchor, or Shou Kau
  8. Double Cover Palm Strike of Mien Shen's Cotton Palm, or Mien Zhang
  9. Cover Hand Thrust Punch of Jin Xiang's Deflect and Strike, or Chuan Da
  10. Slant Body Swing Hand of Huai De's Grab and Throw, or Xue Jiao
  11. Grip Hand Lift Knee of Liu Xing's Hook and Grip, or Kao Shou Qin Na,
  12. Ascend Mountain Ear Strike of Tan Fang's Ear-Strike, or Guan Er
  13. Double Hook Sweep Leg of Yan Qing's Felling Techniques, or Tie Fa
  14. Lift-Strike Lift Leg of Lin Chong's Continuous Kicks, Lian Wan Tui
  15. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist of Meng Su's Seven-Step Pressing Attack, Qi Bo Pi Da
  16. Bottom Strike Lift Leg of Cui Lian's Bosom Strike, Quan Xin Cui
  17. Ascend Mountain Double Fists of Yang Gun's Gripping Techniques, or Qin Na
  18. Seven-Star Hook Hand of Wang Lang Praying Mantis Kungfu, Tang Lang Quan

A course on the Praying Mantis Eighteen Collection was conducted by Grandmaster Wong in Bern, Switzerland in August 2010. The following videos show some glimpses of the course.

  1. Eighteen-Lohan Art and the Flow Method
  2. Reviewing the Form of Eighteen Collection Set
  3. Generating Energy Flow from Picture-Perfect Form
  4. Converting Flow into Force in the Flow Method
  5. Combat Applications of the Eighteen Collection Set
  6. Formidable Techniques of Past Masters
  7. Pressing Attacks in Praying Mantis Kungfu
  8. Teachings of Past Masters
  9. Praying Mantis Kungfu is Famous for Kicks
  10. Gripping Techniques in Double Fists

  11. Short Strike in Seven-Star Turn Cart
  12. Famous Techniques and Tactics from the Past
  13. Counters against Sweeping and Charging Attacks
  14. Functions and Evolution of the Seven-Star Step
  15. Cotton Palm and the Distract-Trick
  16. Cotton Palm, Bosom Fist and Mantis Hook
  17. Which Pattern Can be Used Against any Kicks
  18. Just One Pattern against Any Boxers' Attacks
  19. Excellent Tactic against Any Kick!
  20. Techniques against Kick-Boxing and Taekwondo
  21. Counters against Typical Muay Thai Attacks
  22. Strike from Bosom against the Shoot

Praying Mantis Kungfu

Wen Yuan's "Short Strike" is manifested in "Seven-Star Turn Cart"


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