Wahnam Taijiquan

Who says there's no ground fighting in Taijiquan?

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Basic Taijiquan Patterns

  1. Importance of Waist Rotation in Taijiquan Movements
  2. Using Taijiquan Mechanics to Overcome Bigger, Stronger Opponents
  3. Movement Comes from the Waist
  4. The Principles of Back Leg and Sinking Hips
  5. Taijiquan Movement and Force from Leg through Waist to Hand
  6. Lifting Water and Internal Force

Against Boxing - Being Safe from Jabs and Crosses

  1. Using Guard-Hand against a Boxer's Jabs and Crosses
  2. Overcoming a Boxer's Speed by Using Body Movement
  3. Taijiquan Principle of Flowing with an Opponents Momentum
  4. Having Reach and Element of Threat in Attacks
  5. The Outside-In or Inside-Out Approach
  6. Being Safe from Boxers' Jabs and Crosses
Against Boxing - Tactic of Cover and Strike

  1. Applying Taijiquan to Deal with a Boxer Bouncing Around
  2. The Tactic of Cover and Strike
  3. Covering and Striking with Leopard Fist
  4. Progressing from Point 3 to Point 2 in Pre-Arranged Sparring
  5. From Pre-Arranged to Conditional Free Sparring against Jabs and Crosses
Against Boxing - Beward of Boxer's Hooks

  1. Beware of a Boxer's Hooks
  2. Effective Use of Body-Movement
  3. Countering Hooks and Continuous Attacks
  4. Giving Boxers a Fair Chance
  5. Locking a Boxer's Both Arms
Against Boxing - Chasing after Boxer

  1. Chasing After a Boxer
  2. Stepping on a Boxer or Felling Him onto the Ground
  3. White Monkey against Boxer's Undercuts
  4. How to Fall Safely
  5. Don't Expose Groin with Boxer on Ground

Against Wrestling

  1. Basic Techniques of Shoot and Pin-Downs
  2. Having Fun with Shoots and Pin-Downs
  3. Countering during the Process of a Shoot
  4. Counter-Striking an Opponent as he Shoots
  5. Exploiting the Vulnerable Position of a Shoot

Against Kick-Boxing

  1. Turning a Kick-Boxer's Strong Point into a Weakness
  2. Countering at Various Points in a Series of Attacks
  3. Using Taijiquan to Counter at Three Points of an Attack

Against Karate

  1. Taijiquan Techniques and Tactics against Karate
  2. Using Taijiquan to Neutralize the Strong Point of a Karate Opponent
  3. Using Taijiquan to Counter-Strike Karate Opponents at Various Points of Time
  4. Applying Taijiquan to Counter a Karate Opponent as Soon as he Attacks
  5. Stylizing Karate Attacks for Systematic Training in Taijiquan
  6. Applying Taijiquan Chin-Na on Karate Opponents

Against Taekwondo

  1. A Taijiquan Pattern to Defend against All Taekwondo Kicks!
  2. Applying Taijiquan to Avoid Kicks and Fell Opponents
  3. Avoid Kick, Fell Opponent, and Strike Decisively with Taijiquan

Against Muay Thai

  1. Stylizing Typical Muay Thai Attacks into a Sequence
  2. Taijiquan Counter against the Formidable Knee Jabs
  3. Countering at Various Points and Free Sparring

Wahnam Taijiquan

"Repulse Monkey" against the ferocious Muay Thai knee jab


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