Wing Choon Kungfu

The two Sifu Marks observe each other from their poise patterns after disengaging from a combat sequence

The various attacks and their counters are linked to form a set. They are "Palm Rushing at Face" countered with "Cockerel Kick", "Knee Jab" countered with "Cockerel Kick" too, and the two chin-na attackings namely "Holding Pot" and "Lead Horse Back to Stable" countered with "Sinking Bridge" and "Butterfly Palms". We shall call this set "Theit Cheit Na" (Cantonese Pronounciation), or "Fell-Knee-Grip" which is a shortened form for "thiet fatt", "chong cheit", "cham na", meaning felling techniques, knee jabs and gripping techniques.

Other people unsympathetic to our school may criticize us for composing our set and naming it this way. That is their business, and we do not want to waste our time with them. Actually that is none of their business. It is our art and we can do whatever we like with it. Of course we do so not because we want to invite criticism but because it brings us benefits. Composing the various techniques into a set enables us to remember them easily, and naming it in a practical way is in line with Wing Choon traditions, like Yim Wing Choon naming her set "Siu Lin Tou", or "Little-Practice-Beginnin".

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Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
Palm at Face Striking Knee Cockerek Kick
Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
Knee Jab Chin-Na Technique
Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
Sinking Bridge Chin-Na Technique Butterfly Palms

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