Shaolin Kungfu

"Taming Tiger with String of Beads" as a "soft" response agaisnt the sweeping kick

When you have learnt the "hard" counter using "Bar the Big Boss" against a sweeping kick, you can progress to the "soft" counter using "Tame Tiger with a String of Beads". Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the two different counters? It is very important that your front arm must not be in the way of the sweeping kick. You must also adjust your toe-positions correctly.

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Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Initiators Mode Responders Mode Intercept, Not Block
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Soft Method Soft Method Go With Flow
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Check Toe Positions Move a Step Sweeping Kick

We wish to thank Mr Godfery Kissey of Ogingo Videography, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia for kindly provideing us with the videos. Godfery is also a member of our Shaolin Wahnam Family. His telephone number is 60-88-731788, and e-mail address is godfery@pc.jaring.my.

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Hard and Soft Counters in Shaolin Kungfu against Sweeping Kicks from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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