Sabah, 20th to 26th June 2009

Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong and Dr Damian Kissey demonstrating some combat application

The Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course was originally meant for kungfu instructors or those who have trained for a few years who wish to learn aspects of kungfu not normally taught in most kungfu schools, like developing internal force and using kungfu patterns for free sparring.

But over the years as our school expands and our students are now able to learn internal force and combat application from our regional instructors, the content of the course has been increased remarkably both in scope and depth. Now the course provides an excellent opportunit8es for our students to learn skills ranging from basic to masters' levels in a very short time so that they can continue to practice them in their regular classes with their instructors.

The course held in Sabah from 20th to 26th June 2009 reflects this development. The videos recorded at this course shown here cover the following important aspects:

Those who may not have the opportunity to learn from regional Shaolin Wahnam instructors but wish to attend the course, can benefit much by learning the stances from the videos as preparation. Those who are more advanced should familiarize themselves with the 16 combat sequences.

You can also view the videos here

Foundation of Kungfu

Kungfu Weapons

  1. Horse-Riding Stance
  2. Bow-Arrow and False-Leg
  3. Unicorn, Goat, Four-Six and Single-Leg
  4. Art of Flexible Legs
  5. Footwork

Basic Patterns and Skills

Kungfu Weapons
  1. The Mechanics of Fa-Jing
  2. The Eight Basic Hand Patterns
  3. Linking Patterns and Right Spacing
  4. Right Spacing and Right Timing
  5. Opening, Closing and Covering
  6. Some Techniques and Skills for Combat Efficiency
  7. No Defence Direct Counter
  8. Subtle Footwork and Feign Movements
  9. Moving In to Initiate an Attack
  10. Performing a Set with Force and Speed and Without Panting

Combat Sequences 1 to 4

Kungfu Weapons

  1. The Combat Sequences 1 and 2 and Flower Hands
  2. The Combat Sequences 3 and 4, Free Offers and Bridging Gaps
  3. Moving to Free Choice
  4. Continuing from First to Second Sequence

Combat Sequences 5 to 8

Kungfu Weapons
  1. The Invisible Strike
  2. Mastering Basic Skills
  3. Flowery Hands, False and Real, and Feign Moves
  4. Training of Jing, Qi and Shen
  5. Applying Shaolin Kungfu on Boxing
  6. Exploiting the Technical Advantages Shaolin has over Boxing
  7. Accomplished in One Breath
  8. Modifying Hand Forms and Stances to Derive Variations
  9. Continuation and Exploding Force with Left Palm
  10. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  11. From Three Steps to One Step in Defence-Cum-Counter
  12. Just Move a Step Back to Neutralize a Seemingly Helpless Situation
  13. The Tactic of No Defence Direct Counter
  14. The Tactic of Flow or Leak
  15. The Tactic of Pressing Attacks
  16. Pressing Attacks with Variations from Planned Sequence
  17. Review of Combat Sequences 5 to 8
  18. The Tactic and Skill of Follow Through

Internal Force Training

Kungfu Weapons
  1. Adding Hand-Forms to Stances in Force Training
  2. Stance Training in Taijiquan, Shaolin, Hsing Yi and Baguazhang
  3. From Slow and Graceful to Fast and Agile
  4. Kungfu Movements with Force, Speed and Elegance
  5. One-Finger Shooting Zen at Standing Upright Position
  6. A Treasure in Training Energy and Mind

Combat Sequences 9 to 12

Kungfu Weapons
  1. Five Basic Kicks of Shaolin Kungfu
  2. Combat Sequence 9 - Happy Bird Hops up Branch
  3. Pressing Attacks and Interceptions
  4. Combat Sequence 10 - White Horse Presents Hoof
  5. Techniques, Speed and Skills
  6. Combat Sequences 11 - Yellow Oriole Drinks Water
  7. Some Effective Techniques and their Counters
  8. Combat Sequence 12 - Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
  9. Hard and Soft Counters against Sweeping Kicks
  10. Linking Combat Sequences to Form Sets

Combat Sequences 13 to 16

Kungfu Weapons
  1. Shaolin Felling Techniques are Unlike Judo or Wrestling
  2. Combat Sequence 13 - Fell Tree with Roots
  3. A Technique to Fell an Opponent Forward, Backward or Sideways
  4. Combat Sequence 14 - Lead Force Back to Stable
  5. Changing Shoulder Throw to Waist Throw for Compassion
  6. Combat Sequence 15 - Farmer Hoes Rice Field
  7. Combat Sequence 16 - Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain

How to Handle a Boxer

Kungfu Weapons
  1. Deflecting Strikes and Employing Body-Movement
  2. Covering an Opponent and Releasing his Grip
  3. Releasing Grips, Adjusting Positions, Intercepting and Felling
  4. Body-Movement and Other Techniques
  5. Monkey Fells Tree against Undercuts
  6. Moving In to Attack Without Being Hit
  7. Good Footwork for Attack and Defence
  8. The Tactic of Glide, Thread and Strike

Against Other Styles

Kungfu Weapons
  1. Effective Counters against Kick-Boxers and Taekwondo Exponents
  2. Using Stances and Body-Movement to Counter Attacks
  3. Combat-Sequence Set for Felling Techniques
  4. Intercepting or Closing and Other Strategies against Random Fighting
  5. Understanding Formidable Muay Thai Fighters
  6. Counters against Muay Thai Attacks
  7. How would You Counter When your Head is Locked
  8. Effective Counters against the Shoot

We wish to thank Mr Godfery Kissey of Ogingo Videography, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia for kindly provideing us with the videos. Godfery is also a member of our Shaolin Wahnam Family. His telephone number is 60-88-731788.


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